To make it easier for your excel data to analyze it is recommended that you add it on a table. The table allows you to analyze your data easily, and you will learn here how to insert, filter, and sort a table.

Insert a Table

Step 1. To insert table on your spreadsheet, select or click anywhere inside the data set that you wanted to put on the table.

Excel Tables

Step 2. Go to “Insert” tab, then click “Table” in the table group.Excel Tables 2

Step 3. Excel will automatically select the data, to customize the selection, click and drag to select the data that you want to be included in the table, check “My table has headers” checkbox then click OK to create your table.

Excel Tables 3

Step 4. Excel will create a formatted table with a header and filter control on every column header where you can use to sort or filter data in the table.Excel Tables 4

Filter a Table

Step 1. To filter the data in the table that you recently created, use the inverted arrow in the header, select which column you want to filter, in the screenshot sample below I will filter the status of the employee, I want to show only all full time employees. I just click the inverted arrow, then on the drop-down menu, I will just select “Full Time” and click ok to apply.Excel Tables - Filter

Step 2. This is the result, only the full time employees are displayed, the other employee is only hidden and not deleted, you can still view them when you select all or remove the filter.Excel Tables - Filter 1

Sort a Table

Sorting data in a table is useful if you want to arrange the order of the data in the particular table. For example, I want to sort the employee table alphabetically, you can easily do this in excel, just click the inverted arrow located in the Employee Name header of the table, then on the drop-down menu, select “Sort A to Z” to sort the employees alphabetically.

Excel Table- Sort

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