Having a lot of data in your worksheet needs to be organized to make it easy to understand if someone reads it. Like making lists of employees, it is cleaner and more readable if it is sorted alphabetically, by hire date, by their salary etc.

In this tutorial you will learn how to sort your Excel data on one or multiple column.

One Column Sorting

Use one column sorting if you want to sort a single column in your worksheet. In the sample below, I will sort the Employee Name column in the employee table.

To do this, click any cell in the column that you want to sort, then click Data Tab in the ribbon, in the Sort & Filter group, select the A-Z icon if you want to sort ascending order or Z-A for descending order.

One column sorting

Multiple Column Sorting

Use multiple column sorting to sort more than one column field in the worksheet. To do this, follow this step;

Step 1. In your worksheet, go to your ribbon, select Data tab, click Sort.Multiple column sorting

Step 2. When you click sort, the data in the worksheet will be selected and a sort popup window will appear. Here you can select more than one column to sort. There are three fields in the window, Column where you can select the column to sort, Sort On what data to be sorted and the Order of the sorting.multiple column sorting 2

Step 3. You can add a column to be sorted by clicking the “Add Level” button.multiple column sorting 3

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