How To Count Pages, Words, Characters, Paragraphs All At Once

Not known to all, Microsoft Word incorporates a tool which permits you to view basic statistics on your document. These insights incorporate what number of pages, words, characters, passages, and lines are in your document. This is valuable in case you need to take after specific rules when composing your article.

To see these statistics, follow this simple step. Please note that I am using Microsoft word 2011 for Mac OS X.

  1. Open the document that you want to examine.
  2. When you open the document, the quantity of pages and words can be seen in the status bar at the base of the Word window. NOTE: The quantity of pages is just noticeable on the status bar when you are seeing your archive in “Print Layout” view or “Draft” view.Count words in document
  3. To get a detailed statistics, click on the word count section in the status bar to pop up the small window with all the details that you need, including the page count, Word count, characters (no space and with space), the number of paragraphs and lines.count words in document step 3

The quantity of lines and pages may differ, it depends upon a few components, for example, the edges in your record, font and font size, and spacing, etc. For instance, if you prefer to have a much smaller text size, there will be less lines and pages in your document than there would be with a bigger text font. Indeed, even distinctive printer drivers can bring about a somewhat diverse rendering of a text style, along these lines, changing the quantity of lines and pages in your record.

Take note that hidden text can likewise influence the number line in the “Word Count”. If you turn off the option for hidden text, Word won’t be included in the line count. On the off chance that you need hidden text included in the line check, verify you arrange Word to print hidden text.

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