Creating a List (Bulleted or Numbered)

Adding or creating a list in a document is needed to present the data in a cleaner and more readable way. If you want to enumerate certain list of data in the Word document you need to put it in a list whether it is numbered or bulleted.

You can set the list settings before you type the list data, so when you press enter the next number or bullet automatically appear. But, if you have already typed the list data, you can highlight it and apply the list formattings that you want.

To add a listing in the document follow the step.

Adding Bulleted List

If the list data already typed in, you must select first or highlight to create a bulleted or numbered list, after selecting, head on to the ribbon, select Home tab, on Paragraph group, select Bullets icon if you want to add bullet on the list.

creating buletted list

It will automatically add bullet at the beginning of the data that separated in the new line.

Buletted list

To customize the bullet, click the inverted arrow beside the Bullet icon to reveal the set of bullet that you can use, select which one you like and it will automatically apply to the data selected.

creating a list buletted

Position the mouse pointer at the last part of the list and press enter to add new listings.

Creating a list

Adding Numbered List

Adding numbered list is the same on adding bullets, just select “Numbering” icon instead of bullets.

MS Word Numbering

If you want to change the numbering into letters or roman numerals, click the inverted arrow beside numbering icon and select what kind of numbering format you want to your list.

MS Word Numbering 1

Position the mouse pointer at the last part of the list and press enter to add new listings.

MS Word Numbering 2

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