Adding, Formatting and Removing Page Numbers

Adding page numbers to the word document is the same as adding page borders that we discuss in the previous document adding or removing page borders.

We will show you how to add page numbers in a few clicks of your mouse, follow the steps.

Adding Page number

While your document is open, go to “Insert” tab in the Ribbon and select “Page Number” in the header and footer group.

Adding Page Number

Clicking the “Page Number” control will reveal the drop down menu where you can select the position, margins and format of the page number. To add page number select where you want the number to appear, in this sample, we want the page number to appear at the bottom right of the page.

Add Page number1

After selecting the location, it will add the number to the position you selected, it will also automatically increment if it adds another page, click “Close Header and Footer” to focus on the document.

Add Page nUmber2

Formatting Page number

To format the page number that you recently add, Go back again to “Insert” tab and then Page Number the same what you did when you add page numbers but instead of selecting the position, select “Format Page Numbers”

Format Page number

In the page number format window that appear, you can select the number format, if you want roman numbers or letters. You can also set the page numbering from what number to start, don’t forget to click “Ok” to apply the changes that you made. See the screenshot.

Format Page Number

Removing Page number

If you want to remove the page number in the document, also the same control when adding, go to Insert > Page Number > Remove Page Numbers. It will automatically remove all the page number in the whole document.

Removing Page Number

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