Creating New PowerPoint Presentation

For Teachers, Speakers and those who are always presenting in front of the crowd, you need a medium where you can put your reference for the audience to see while you are talking. The best tool is the PowerPoint, here you can create presentation slides where you can easily put transition and animation style to make it more attractive to the listeners and they can easily understand and take notes.

If you want to learn how to create your first PowerPoint presentation, we will walk you through in every step to create your new PowerPoint presentation. We will use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in taking screenshots in this tutorial, if you are using earlier version like 2007 you can also follow the steps, the interface is almost the same.

1. To start, we assume that you already installed Microsoft Office in you computer, open PowerPoint, you will arrive on this interface.creating PowerPoint presentation

2. Enter the title and subtitle of your topic that you want to present, in the “Click to add title” and “click to add subtitle” box on the selected slide.Creating powerpoint presentation 2

3. To add new slide, in the ribbon¬†click “New Slide” or you can use a keyboard shortcut CTRL+M.creating powerpoint presentation 3

4. When the new slide created, you can enter the data or further explanation of your topic in the “Add Text” box, you can also add chart, image etc. on the slide, which we also discuss in this course. Duplicate this step to add more slide in your presentation, the process is the same.Creating Powerpoint presentation 4

Now that you created your simple presentation with no other effects, template design and animation which we will also discuss later on this course, you can now save your presentation.

To save, if you already using Office application like MS Word and MS Excel its almost the same, Go to file menu, then select “Save As” on the drop-down.Saving Presentation

Enter the file name of your presentation, select where you want to save the file and leave the file type to default PowerPoint Presentation unless you need different file type. Hit save to save your file.Saving PowerPoint Presentation

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