Microsoft Excel Charts

Using charts to present the complicated numbers on your table can be more efficient and presentable, and you can create charts or graphs using Microsoft excel chart based on the data on your table with a few clicks.

Let me show you how simple to create charts, change chart type, add chart title, change legend position, switch row/column and add data labels in Excel.

Create a Chart

To create a chart follow this step.

Step 1. Select the data in the table that you want to create a chart.excel charts

Step 2. While the data is selected, go to “Insert” tab on the ribbon, then on the “Charts” group, select which chart type you want (you can change it anytime).excel charts 2

Step 3. After selecting the chart type excel will do the magic and create the charts automatically for you.excel charts 3

Change Chart Type

You can change chart or graph type to line, column, bar, pie, etc. Just pick the best to describe your data, and here’s how you can easily change the chart type.

While the chart is selected, head over again on the “Insert” tab then “Charts” group and select which type you want, just like what you do in step 2 when you create charts.

excel chart - change type

Add Chart Title

Step 1. To add the title on the chart you created, while the chart still selected, select the “Layout” tab in the ribbon, click “Chart Title”, then select the position where you want the title to appear.excel chart - add title

Step 2. Enter the title of your chart.excel chart - add title 2

Change Legend Position

The legend of the graph or chart can be repositioned to wherever you want to appear, from right, left, top or bottom. To change the legend position, select the chart, then go to “Layout” tab, click “Legend” icon and select the position where you want it to appear.excel chart - legend

Switch Row/Column

If you want to switch the presentation of data on your chart, or you want to show the data on the horizontal axis to vertical axis or vice versa, here’s what you are going to do.

Select the chart that you want to switch the row/column, then got to “Design” tab and select “Switch Row/Column”

Excel Chart - switch

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